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After our initial phone contact, we will spend the first couple of sessions on the intake. I ask lots of questions regarding your family history, current family structure and other important relationships, get a sense of your strengths and your joys, learn about your ways of managing your levels of stress. We'll look at family history of mental illness, substance abuse, look at medical issues, sleep patterns, life in utero. Mainly, as I gather information, I listen to what it is you're struggling with and make sure I'm clear about which areas of your life you'd like to pay attention to and focus on in our work. 

Beyond those first couple of sessions, you can use the hour to bring in anything from your life that seems interesting to you or troubling; anything that you want to discuss, explore and /or understand with greater clarity. 

We know, through research, that the key component to successful outcome in therapy is the relationship between the therapist and the client. I have a casual and warm style and have been told that the atmosphere in my office is open and non-judgmental. I'm most interested in using curiosity and in fact, recognize that it's an imperative ingredient in good and effective therapy. It is a high priority for me that my clients feel safe, seen, heard and supported in our work together. 

Feeling curious and ready to explore? If I can't help, I will do my best to connect you with someone who can. 

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