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From My Heart to Yours

Updated: May 27, 2019

"I vow to be braver; to share myself and my teachings with the world. I vow to share with others my heart's longing and also what I know to be the remedy for that longing that it might soothe the wounds, aches and misery in the hearts of others as well."

This website and blog are acts of bravery on my part. The challenge is to make visible the places I live most of the time; the deeply personal and deeply transpersonal, and in the sacred nature of living that is so obvious to me. Most of this I have kept to myself all these years. The challenge for me is to speak to and speak from the human condition; the elements of this living that we all share. I'm comfortable in my own private story and myth-making. I like it here. I've been comfortable keeping it to myself; I have felt protected by keeping it close and certainly have felt less vulnerable doing so. For a long time, this closet of sorts has served me. Now, it feels like it suffocates me and dishonors what I know and who I am. It has become painful to not overtly extend myself in this way into your field of receptivity, should it interest you.

I write for myself. Let me be clear. I write because I feel full of life and love and the milk of the sacred feminine. It is my need to express this; to transmit it in some way. Keeping it to myself is feeling oppressive and painful now and I can feel, even just in this writing, my chest soften and my eagerness reach toward these words and thoughts knowing that you are there to receive.

I will use this format, to share myself, my process, borrowed teachings or inspirations from others, what I know as a therapist and as a lifetime seeker. My hope is that this blog becomes a place for you to feel reflected, inspired, held and gently pushed into the places of discomfort that, rather than allow them to arouse your avoidance, you might learn to tolerate them and see them as the gifts of fertility that they are. All the information you need is within you. All of it. My hope is that my words here, over the months and years ahead, will ignite in you the access to that inner landscape, as a co-creator of your own emergence, so that it becomes a resource, THE resource in how you navigate your life.

We are more alike, you and I, than we are different. In fundamental ways we are the same. We share the experiences of longing, grief, desire for connection, the need to be seen and reflected lovingly. The human experience is, by nature, each our own. We come in alone; we die alone. We struggle in our solitary ways. AND, all of us are in these processes at various times in our lives (maybe daily for some) so in this way, we are connected. When we drop the veil of our personalities, we are alike. How do we learn about and find ways to be more transparent around these deep processes and share them so that we might be fed and feed one another? It is my hope to make this blog a platform that might offer some answers to that question. I want it to be an avenue for me to open to you and for you to receive and be nourished here and then to take that nourishment into your own life. It is my heart's deepest and most sincere desire to soothe and comfort. It really is what I live for, I have come to know this. I am most renewed when I extend myself in this way and to live without stating it overtly is no longer serving me.

I look forward to spending time with you here.

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01 jun 2019

i look forward to exploring and learning more with you ~ ~ ~

Me gusta

30 may 2019

Following. Looking forward to reading.

Me gusta

28 may 2019

Bravo. You inspire me to create. Well done.

Me gusta
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